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The Spooky Haus Art Co-Op Is a transgender and gender nonconforming art collective, living and working (mostly) in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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  • Miriam (they/them)

    Miriam Avital Levenson is a trans-disciplinary artist and craftsperson.
    They create using an iterative process, refining and drawing out ideas in different mediums to thoroughly explore and pin down new ideas. Their
    art is whimsical and joyful, reflecting silly joys that pop up in the mundane. Their art parodies traditional concepts while blurring the
    (fake) lines between fine art and craft. They often return to themes of community, using the world around them as a mirror and springboard to design and fabricate new pieces. They prototype, design, and finish pieces by hand, by laser cutting, and with a myriad of other mediums.
    They utilize traditional linoleum printing, screenprinting, and digital drafting, often combining mediums, or shifting an idea through mediums
    to find the place where it becomes more than what it was.

    They are anti capitalism, anti establishment, and pro creating art that brings radical love and kindness into peoples lives.

  • Lior (they/them)

    lior ray ayalon is a nonbinary artist and writer living in northern California. they mostly make art on cameras or computers, but sometimes
    they like to get their hands dirty too. they hate cilantro, and they are quite good at air hockey. when they’re not making art, they’re writing about the history of horror movies or obsessing about whether or not to cut their hair. they’re a taurus sun and a double scorpio.

  • Nathaniel J. (he/they)

    NJ is a fine artist and craftsperson based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    He has worked all around the Bay within the live theater community as a props artisan, scenic painter, and as an assistant to award winning set designer, Nina Ball. As a fine artist he most often works in gouache from life, depicting architecture and environments around the Bay Area.
    He also draws from his training and experience in theatrical scenic design to create tiny (approximately 1:200 scale) models of San Francisco homes.
    (photo credit MATT MOORE)

  • Phthalo Blue (they/them)

    Phthalo Blue is an artist who finds joy in creating humorous and lighthearted works of art. They often use blues and greens in their work, and often incorporate birds and water as motifs. Phthalo also enjoys combining words and imagery in their art, creating whimsical and thought-provoking pieces. They create their art primarily as a means of relaxation and self-expression, and find that the process of creation helps them to clear their mind and focus on the present moment.

  • Chloe (she/her)

    I am a trans Lakota artist who is committed to bringing art out of the gallery and into everyday life. I specialize in leather work and
    inventive punk apparel, merging functionality with pushing societal norms.

  • Ollie (they/them)

    Oliver is a neat guy whose artistic mediums consist of mediocre folk punk,
    watercolor, lino cutting, paper crafting, charming rich yuppies into paying for Olivers gas and dog food while traveling, tinkering with stuff found in the trash, and writing. Oliver makes all their art with real, genuine, transgender joy, love, and sadness. enjoy <3

  • Sean (they/them)

    Dubbed “SF’s Best Comic Playwright” and “The Captain of Theatrical Camp” by the SF Weekly, Sean Owens has been writing and performing for 35 years, with over 50 short and full-length plays both here in the Bay Area and abroad. Their solo musical, “GIRLESQUE” has delighted audiences in the
    Bay Area, New York and Canada. Sean has been twice recognized by the Bay Area Theatre Critics’ Circle Awards– first, for the noir parody, “THE BIG DRAG” for Best Original Script, and again for their portrayal of Oscar Wilde with Shotgun Players in Berkeley. They also inaugurated the role of the Viscountess Marlene in Liz Duffy Adams’ off-Broadway premiere of “WET.”
    As a freelance writer, Sean created the SFMoMA’s first trans non-binary family tour narrator, Dr. Tantamount Thrash, for “Art Goggles.” They are also the Artistic Director for the MD24: The Moby Dick 24 Hour Marathon, at the SF Maritime Museum. They work as a writer, teacher and director for the sketch comedy group Killing My Lobster, and occasionally host an immersive nightclub experience called FANCYPANTS: A Trans-Temporal Evening for the Gender Playful.
  • Stephanie (she/her)

    Stephanie is an artist(?) that does stuff with things? Oh boy does she sure love art.

  • Sam (they/them)

  • Bre (she/they)

  • Henry (he/him)

    Henry makes totally awesome collages

  • Eleanor (she/her)

    Eleanor makes totally awesome stickers

  • Scully (kitty/cat)

    its him! the placeholder image! thats our actual cat! scully my son, my sweet beautiful boy. Right now as I type this he is sitting beautifully at the window, being a perfect angel boy.

  • Roswell (menace/biter)

    a monster, a baby, a lover, a fighter, but definitely a biter. the love of my life. my sweet baby boy.